Sebter Auto accessories Co., Ltd.

Our company has been committed to the research and production of car decoration products and environmentally friendly health products. We ourselves have been using our own products, so that we can improve and improve in the future.

The front windshield parasol of a car produced by our company has always been very popular. But after using the experience later, we found that this parasol often slips down when preventing it, so that it can't effectively shading and cooling.

Taking into account the different car models, the space in the car is different, so we decided to change the style of the handle after research, from a straight handle to a handle that can be bent and not rebound, so that it can be applied to different models, and the umbrella is well fixed.

In 2020, we finally succeeded in developing a parasol with a bendable handle, which can be bent up to ten thousand times without damage. The use effect is obviously improved.

When it comes to automotive supplies, people who can drive or not can say a few, but I'm afraid not many can say the whole. In recent years, with the increase of different needs of car owners, the types of automotive products are increasingly rich, new products emerge in endlessly, and the pace of product upgrading is speeding up. In our city, there are occasionally personalized modified cars, which become a unique mobile landscape on the road. With the development of automotive products for so many years, there are more and more kinds of products, and there are dozens of them. There are more common glue, cushion, waist, carpet, seat cover, sticker, curtain, sun film, sun block, anti-theft lock, airbag, heat insulation cotton, mobile phone rack, safety belt, thermometer, steering wheel cover, steering wheel, electrostatic paste, anti-collision glue, carpet, ornament, perfume seat, etc.

If divided by category, automotive products are divided into decorative products and functional products. Generally speaking, most car owners buy functional products, and most new car owners buy basic decoration for their favorite car. The basic decoration of a new car is ground rubber, vehicle curtain, explosion-proof membrane, foot pad, seat cover, handle sleeve, perfume, anti-theft device (Pai Dangsuo), reversing radar, explosion-proof membrane and so on. What the shopkeeper recommends to the car owner is ground glue, anti-theft device, explosion-proof membrane and reversing radar.

In the future, we will continue to maintain the principle of combining our own use and customer feedback, and continue to improve old products, develop new products, and provide car users with products that are as easy as possible.

Post time: Apr-07-2021