Umbrella With Car Window Breaker

  • Reverse folding umbrella 3413

    Reverse folding umbrella 3413

    Car safety hammer reverse umbrella broken window device vehicle-mounted multi-functional safety hammer broken window umbrella emergency hammer not wet people and cars  3413SBT

    Multi-functional: It can be used as umbrella, sun umbrella and safety hammer.

    Reverse design: the umbrella is stowed upwards and outwards, the wet surface of the umbrella is stowed and then inside, it will not wet the car; when the umbrella is stowed, the combat power can be directly on the ground; it is especially useful when driving on rainy days. When stowed away, it is more convenient for people to enter the car, and it is less likely to get caught in the rain.

    Umbrella frame is stronger: Umbrella frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is lighter in texture, better in windproof, corrosion-resistant, sturdy and durable.

  • Umbrella with Auto Window Breaker 7902

    Umbrella with Auto Window Breaker 7902

    Car window breaker Dual-purpose self-opening and retracting car umbrella Car emergency hammer Life-saving window breaker 7902SBT

    Multi-functional: It can be used as a sun umbrella, coated with black glue, double-layer heat insulation, sun protection, and UV blocking. It can be used as an umbrella. It is coated with a waterproof layer and is waterproof. There is a reflective strip on the side of the umbrella, which reflects light at night, and has a warning effect to ensure personal safety. The umbrella handle is equipped with a window breaker, which can be used as a safety hammer in an emergency.

    Rugged and durable: the five-fold design of the eight-strand umbrella ribs is strong against wind. Even if the umbrella ribs are blown over, they can still be intact, just dial it back gently.